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In light of the many recent forklift accidents, we want to remind all you guys out there to stay safe. Pedestrian strikes and equipment damage can be expensive, especially if it comes to legal costs.  If your company needs to update your training methods, or just needs a refresher course, check out the
forklift train the trainer classes offered by Forklift Training Systems. Those guys are the best in the business and are great if you have multiple locations and/or are spread throughout the US. If you’re going be operating heavy machinery,  get that training!

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Featured Product – Blue Spot LED Safety Lights

Forklift safety lights are especially useful at blind intersections and sharp turns to ensure the safety of other workers, operators, and pedestrians alike. Forklift related injuries can be catastrophic, even lethal in some cases. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in safety lights that can prevent accidents and lawsuits that can result in financial issues for your business.

What are Forklift Safety Lights?

Blue Safety Lights
These are bright lights mounted on the lifts to alert others in proximity by preceding an approaching forklift.

Why Safety Lights?

  1. Avoid Accidents: Accidents can hamper your reputation and business. Nobody wants an accident in the workplace.
  2. In the US alone, 19,000 accidents per year involve forklifts.
  3. Running a business can be tricky. While these costs may seem pointless at first, it will only take one accident to put a much deeper hole in your pocket.
  4. They serve as early warning signs and alert other operators and pedestrians in the vicinity of approaching traffic.
  5. The intense light from the blue safety light can be projected up to 24 feet. This minimizes risks associated with blind spots or dark corners.
  6. Due to their light intensity and hue, the Blue Spot warning light is more visible compared to other ordinary lights.
  7. Installation is easy and can be installed in the front or back.
  8. These UL Rated forklift safety lights are quite durable and can last for as many as 50,000 hours.

Investing a little in the beginning can save a lot later!

As blue forklift safety lights become more popular, many forklift owners and operators are wondering if they really need them. However, installing blue forklift safety lights is one of the best ways to ensure safety prevails at the workplace.

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